The first senior pictures of the year starring the beautiful Jocelyn! It was such a warm day for March in Minnesota, we could hardly believe it! Even without a coat it wasn’t cold. She was such a sweetheart to hang out with as well, so sweet and fun, and her sister and mom came along for the ride! I was also able to get some kindergarden shots for her little sister, Sophia.
Jocelyn-6 Jocelyn-7 Jocelyn-12 Jocelyn-17 Jocelyn-19 Jocelyn-20 Jocelyn-23 Jocelyn-25 Jocelyn-30 Jocelyn-32 Jocelyn-34 Jocelyn-35 Jocelyn-37 Jocelyn-38 Jocelyn-39 Jocelyn-41 Jocelyn-43 Jocelyn-44 Jocelyn-50 Jocelyn-55 Jocelyn-96 Jocelyn-92 Jocelyn-89 Jocelyn-87 Jocelyn-76 Jocelyn-78 2 Jocelyn-80 2 Jocelyn-84 2 Jocelyn-74 Jocelyn-71 Jocelyn-66 Jocelyn-64

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