Where did “Chelsea Claire Photography” come from?

I started out as a business in 2014, but as a photographer I started out at around age 13 always running around with my mom’s 35mm film camera taking photos of nature, my friends and family. I would enter my photos into contests, make albums, use them as art work etc. For a season I sold my photography as art in fairs. My favorite part has always been photographing people, all different kinds of people! That is why this is what I do best, and what I love the most! Thanks for being a part of my dream come true!

What type of photography do you do?

Whatever you have going on in your life that you want captured, I am there! Whether it’s a family reunion, a wedding, senior photos, a new baby, I love it all! So drop a line!

I want you to be my photographer . . . now what?

Go to “Pricing” and pick out a package you want that fits your needs. Then go to “Contact Me” and fill out a message giving me the package number, the type of session,  and the date or dates you are wanting. Any other info helps! I’ll send you a contract via email for you to sign to book me as a photographer, and mail it back to me. As soon as that is received you are on my calendar! That’s all, and then let the fun begin!

What should I wear to my photo session?

Wear what makes you YOU! Wear what’s comfortable (so you don’t have to be too worried about your clothes that you don’t have any fun) and something that isn’t too “loud”. I want to capture you, without too many distracting patterns. Families, you can either match or don’t match! Colors and patterns that compliment each other are really fun for family photo sessions.

Can I bring props such as instruments/sports equipment?

Please do! Whatever you love, you can use as props. If you don’t want any props, then that’s ok too!

How will I get my photos?

You will get your photos on an online gallery to view and download as you like! All of them!

Are all my photos edited?

Yes, they are all touched up to classy taste. If you wonder what that looks like, browse a little more on my website! A little color and light adjusting, and some little hints of flare for each photo. Yes, I do edit each one you get! But I do not photoshop people into photographs, or remove braces, or any other major editing jobs.

How to copyrights work?

I own the rights to the photos, however, I will let you have a document that gives you the right to make any number of prints at any photo lab of your choice!

When should I expect my photos to be ready?

No less than 30 days from the photo shoot day. However, it’s highly possible you could find them ready for you sooner!

What printing lab do you recommend for my photos?

I recommend using PASS, which is the online gallery that you will get your photos through, it’s a professional photo lab that will deliver you beautiful, high-quality products. You can do it right on your gallery!

Can I purchase prints and photo books from you?

Sorry! That is something I do not offer as a business.

What time of day is best for outdoor photography?

Is it cloudy? Any time of the day! Is it sunny? Definitely evening as the sun is lower in the sky, approximately 1-2 hours before sunset. You will love how the photos turn out during “Golden Hour”! However, I know you need to schedule around the events of life, so let me know what time of day works for you and it will be beautiful!

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